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 Bhaskar Gite
  Jalesh Cruise
प्रिय अंकिता, 
आम्ही अलिबागला पोहचलो,
अंकिता, तू आम्हाला क्रूझ च्या बुकिंग पासून ते क्रूझ मध्ये जाऊन बसेपर्यंत वेळोवेळी फोन करून संपूर्ण छान मार्गदर्शन केले या बद्दल तुझे खूप आभार, तू फोनवर बोलताना तुझ्या आवाजावरून आम्हाला जाणवत होते की तुझी तब्बेत ठीक नाही, तरीपण तू कंटाळा न करता सतत आमच्या संपर्कात राहून आम्हाला मदत करत  होती, म्हणून काकीने  तुझं विशेष कौतुक केले आहे.
    क्रूझ वरील अनूभव खूपच छान होता, खूप सुंदर नियोजन, अप्रतिम जेवण, व सर्व पंचतारांकित सुविधा बघून आम्ही खूप खुश झालो, खरच इतक्या कमी पैशात 2 रात्री आणि एक दिवस स्वर्गसुखाचा मनसोक्त आनंद लुटला याबद्दल "जलेश" चे खूप आभार.
 Thanks to "JALESH" group and it's management team and all staff.
अंकिता, भविष्यात अशा चांगल्या टूर्स बद्दल आम्हाला वेळोवेळी माहिती देणे, आम्हाला Himashree सोबत टूर्स वर जायला नक्की आवडेल
Dear Devendra,
Let me thank you on behalf of my family for arranging this Andaman tour. Obviously, this was not our first tour with you, the memories of earlier tour though long back had raised some expectation from you and as usual you exceeded our expectation. Throughout the tour though in a group we never felt that we were left alone or neglected.  The tour was well organized and executed as per the itinerary. There were no chaos or exertion every minute care was taken to look after our comfort, it could be the hotel rooms, the quality of food, the transportation nowhere it was compromised. Arranging a separate vehicle just to carry our luggage so that we can travel comfortably is just another example.
Other than the site seeing I will remember those game we played in late evening for which you had even arranged for prices for the winners.
When it comes to Andaman the first thing which come to our mind is the cellular jail and Swatantrya Veer Savarkar. The best part about this tour was the way you explained the purpose of visiting this historic memorial and not just this the cherry on the cake was the interaction we had with Ms Manjiri Marathe which increased our knowledge about Swatantrya Veer Savarkar to next level. This definitely increased our perception about the freedom fighter and their sufferings in jail, there was a different feeling then when we visited the memorial. I am confident that all of us including the young generation in our group has something to learn from this tour other than site seeing.  I am sure that no other tour operator will ever give in-depth information about cellular jail and Swatantrya veer Savarkar the way you have done it.
I wish Himashree tour all the best for their next upcoming trips. Looking to join you soon for another destination.
Best Regards
Amit Rane

Thanks Devendra  very well organised and we had luvly  time.cherry on cake is yr idea of manjiritai's visit . best wishes to Himshree be in touch If possible organised saverkar smarak visit one saturday .

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