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Date: 12-Dec-2019
Dear Devendra,
Let me thank you on behalf of my family for arranging this Andaman tour. Obviously, this was not our first tour with you, the memories of earlier tour though long back had raised some expectation from you and as usual you exceeded our expectation. Throughout the tour though in a group we never felt that we were left alone or neglected.  The tour was well organized and executed as per the itinerary. There were no chaos or exertion every minute care was taken to look after our comfort, it could be the hotel rooms, the quality of food, the transportation nowhere it was compromised. Arranging a separate vehicle just to carry our luggage so that we can travel comfortably is just another example.
Other than the site seeing I will remember those game we played in late evening for which you had even arranged for prices for the winners.
When it comes to Andaman the first thing which come to our mind is the cellular jail and Swatantrya Veer Savarkar. The best part about this tour was the way you explained the purpose of visiting this historic memorial and not just this the cherry on the cake was the interaction we had with Ms Manjiri Marathe which increased our knowledge about Swatantrya Veer Savarkar to next level. This definitely increased our perception about the freedom fighter and their sufferings in jail, there was a different feeling then when we visited the memorial. I am confident that all of us including the young generation in our group has something to learn from this tour other than site seeing.  I am sure that no other tour operator will ever give in-depth information about cellular jail and Swatantrya veer Savarkar the way you have done it.
I wish Himashree tour all the best for their next upcoming trips. Looking to join you soon for another destination.
Best Regards
Amit Rane
 Sahil Sangare

Date: 26-Feb-2020

Recently I went on a tour with my family to andaman islands ,it was a great experience to be their with Himashree tours and special thanx to Devendra sir, one of the best tour I ever had with a lot of memories , First I thought that I would not get involved in all activities because many of us were senior citizens,but believe me they proved me wrong, all of them were so energetic and friendly, they treated me like their friend. Coming to our journey, I personally liked all the activities, water sports like snorkeling, underwater walk, some of us did scuba diving,  then we visited the cellular jail that is still having the vibes of our freedom fighters.The sound and light show at cellular jail was too good.. Everyone started the journey and left with a smile on their faces but we all have created a strong connection in our mind .I will be waiting to travel with himashree tours again.


Date: 26-Feb-2020

Hi, I along with my family of four joined Andaman and Nicobar island from December 12 to 17, 2019 through Himashree Treks and Tours. The personal care and participation of Mr Devendra made our tour experience a memorable and enjoyable. Right from the beginning, he was taking care of everyone with precise information on each day. Ensuring comfort of stay in hotels, travel and food, he was there guiding and helping each one of us starting @ goair boarding counter at Mumbai domestic airport till we landed back to Mumbai. We always felt that he was  putting premium on our tour experience than on the commercial aspect. Given his caring attitude, Me and my family would definitely like to join Himashree Trek & Tours in future. Thanks Devendra.

 Bhaskar Gite
  Jalesh Cruise
Date: 16-Dec-2019
प्रिय अंकिता, 
आम्ही अलिबागला पोहचलो,
अंकिता, तू आम्हाला क्रूझ च्या बुकिंग पासून ते क्रूझ मध्ये जाऊन बसेपर्यंत वेळोवेळी फोन करून संपूर्ण छान मार्गदर्शन केले या बद्दल तुझे खूप आभार, तू फोनवर बोलताना तुझ्या आवाजावरून आम्हाला जाणवत होते की तुझी तब्बेत ठीक नाही, तरीपण तू कंटाळा न करता सतत आमच्या संपर्कात राहून आम्हाला मदत करत  होती, म्हणून काकीने  तुझं विशेष कौतुक केले आहे.
    क्रूझ वरील अनूभव खूपच छान होता, खूप सुंदर नियोजन, अप्रतिम जेवण, व सर्व पंचतारांकित सुविधा बघून आम्ही खूप खुश झालो, खरच इतक्या कमी पैशात 2 रात्री आणि एक दिवस स्वर्गसुखाचा मनसोक्त आनंद लुटला याबद्दल "जलेश" चे खूप आभार.
 Thanks to "JALESH" group and it's management team and all staff.
अंकिता, भविष्यात अशा चांगल्या टूर्स बद्दल आम्हाला वेळोवेळी माहिती देणे, आम्हाला Himashree सोबत टूर्स वर जायला नक्की आवडेल

Date: 12-Dec-2019


Thanks Devendra  very well organised and we had luvly  time.cherry on cake is yr idea of manjiritai's visit . best wishes to Himshree be in touch If possible organised saverkar smarak visit one saturday .

 Mr.Abindra Mavani-Director
  Andman Tour


Dear Devendra, 

    I am writing this letter to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful service you rendered during our Andaman tour for the period 15 Jan 2015 to 21 Jan 2015. Although our group of 26 members was of senior citizens and we all had our handicaps, but in spite of all the difficulties you guided us so well that we felt that we are young again. The care you had taken of each and every one of us was truly remarkable and particularly the Jain food you arranged for five of us was delicious and we have no regrets for the same.

    Devendra, you have a wonderful way of going out of the way to be wonderful. Your dedication to Veer Savarkar Pratisthan is really remarkable and when you introduced us to Dr. Rashida Iqbal; the in charge of the cellular jail at Andaman was the event we will never forget in our life. Please do let me know whenever she visits Mumbai as promised by her to meet her again and extend some hospitality.

    I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank your wife Rupali, for the excellent support and back office work. I and my wife Bella, say that we would recommend Himashree Treks & Tours for anyone to visit Andaman Island. Thank you Devendra, and may your life and of your family be one of Happiness and Success.

With Regards,

Mr. Abindra C. Mavani.-Director.

M/s. Mosil Lubricants Private Limited, Sion (West)

 Rasik Bhatte
  Bangalore Mysore Ooty

Date:26th Oct.2015


Hi Mr. Devendra & Ms. Rupali,

First of all thanks a lot for arranging a nice tour for us as per our requirements.
We have travel in 3 states (Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhrapradesh) within 7 days including destinations Tirumala, Bangalore, Mysore, Srirangpattan, Ooty & Coonoor. And irrespective of tight schedule of back to back sightseeing, entire journey was hassle free.

This credit goes to Himashree Treks & Tours for selecting right hotels and arranging good vehicle and proper planning of destinations for our journey. All hotels were centrally located in cities from where markets, restaurants etc are easily accessible. And Hotel rooms were also luxurious at reasonable cost. And travelling in Ac Innova doesn’t made toll on body especially on  travel like Ooty mountain Pass, longer hours of travel from Ooty to Bangalore etc.

Overall experience was Excellent and we would also like to go with Himashree Tours on our future trips.
Wish you all the Best for your Company.

Some of our pics I am sending as an attachment with another mail.


Rasik Bhatte

Date :- 28 April 2019.
देवेंद्र सर , 
काल तुमच्या हिमश्री टूर्स बरोबर पराग मिल्क प्रॉडक्ट्स (गोवर्धन प्लँट )पाहण्याचा योग आला.  कार्यक्रम छान झाला .
शिस्त बद्ध पणे वावरणारे  गाईंचे समूह पाहताना एक वेगळा अनुभव आला .चीज प्लांट व त्याची प्रक्रिया अदभुत होती .उत्क्रुष्ट नियोजन , वातानुकूल बस , वेळोवेळी मिळणारा चहा , शीत पेय , चॉकलेट्स  , उत्क्रुष्ट व चवदार जेवण , माझ्यासारख्या वॉकिंग स्टिक घेऊन चालणाऱ्या प्रवाशांची घेतली जाणारी विशेष काळजी , घरगुती वातावरण , आपुलकीने वागणारी यशश्री सारखी सहल संचालक ह्या सर्व गोष्टी आम्हाला विशेषत: जाणवल्या.
आमच्या साठी खऱ्या अर्थाने ही अभ्यास सहल होती .पुनः एकदा तुमचे आभार आणि तुमच्या पुढच्या सहली साठी शुभेच्छा. 
-अनिल कालेकर , ज्योती कालेकर आणि श्रीमती लता कपोते .

Date :- 28 April 2019.


Hello Yashshree and Devendra,


Thank you for the arrangement and tour schedule, our yesterday’s visit to Parag foods.

Nice experience and memorable one dayer.Lot of fun, food and learning. It was unknown group became known immediately.

Thank you....

D. D. Yadav

 Amit Rane
   Excursion of Sea Forts

Name: AmitRane

Subject: Excursion of Sea Forts

Dear Devendra and Rupali,

I would like to thank you and your Team including sunil Raj for this wonderful experience we had for Two days. we could see the Fort like Khanderi and Undheri which was not possible by without proper planning and its execution. The information provided by Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni also added flavor to this trip. My main purpose to join this trip was my family especially my 7 year old son could enjoy and gather some knowledge. The Group was like a family and co-operative till the END. Also you have also not compromised on quality and quantity of food. You personal attention to each and every member of group was note worthy.

I would like to associate with your group again in future. Also i will recommend your Name to my family friends.
Thanks for this wonderful Experience.

Amit Rane

 Mrs.Dulari Gandre-Home Maker
  Rajasthan tour

Date:1st Dec.2013. Time:12:06 pm
Rajasthan tour was awesome. Amenities provided was excellent and worth the price paid. Service provided by u &Rupali were memorable. Looking forward to join again!

-Mrs. Dulari Ravindra Gandre- Ahmedabad.

 Dr.Pralhad Deshpande
  Jaladurga Tour

Date:27th Dec.2012. Time:17:50

The Jaladurga Tour arranged by Meru Treks & Tours was wonderful and spiced with family touch. The blend of fresh air & knowledge was a vitamin for both body and spirit. 

-Dr.Pralhad Deshpande-Dombivli.

 Mr. Arun Puranik
  Andaman Tour

Date:17th Feb.2014. Time:07:42pm

Dear Devendra

Our Andaman Tour under your planning for 50 tourist from 3rd Feb. to 8th Feb.2014 was excellent. Everyday planning was superb & well planned. Hospitality was very good. Complete tour economic planning was most suitable for everyone..

Your personal involvement with every tourist was noticeable & every one including me was appreciated. All of us have good great memories.
Wish U all the best for future tours.
Mr. ArunPuranik - Dadar-Shivaji Park. 

 Gosavi And Shivade Family-Dr.& Advocate
  Sikkim-Darjeeling Tour

Date: Friday, 14 May, 2010, 9:26 Am
Name:  Gosavi And Shivade Family!!
Subject:  Sikkim-Darjeeling Experience WithMeru!!

We Thank Mr. DevendraGandre And Meru Treks And Tours For Arranging An Excellent Sikkim-Darjeeling Tour. More Particularly, The Location Of The Hotels Was Excellent And Value For Money So Also Was The Transport.

Meru Not Only Made Our Trip Enjoyable But Also Ensured That Everything Went Safely By Regular Updates And Guidance.Moreover, The Whole Package Was Very Well Designed And Carried As Per Schedule. Meru's Perfectionist And Value For Money Approach Really Made Our Trip Memorable!!" 

Dr.Shivade And Family
Adcocate Mr.Akshay Gosavi, Mr. M.B. Gosavi & Family

 Durvanka Murkute-Student
  Gad Darshan Tour

Wed Dec 29 2010,At 3:05 Pm

I Had A Lot Of Fun During The Trek!  
I Enjoyed Myself All Because Of The Information Which Was Very Interesting.
I Would Just Like To Say This Much That The Trip Was To Good And Hope Many People Join You All Next Time!
                                        Thank You!

 Sahil S.Warang-Student
  Gad Darshan Tour

Wed, Jan 12 At 7:14 Pm.

Name: SahilSandeepWarang.
Subject:-Meru Treks & Tours-Most Enjoyable Tour In My Life.

I Am 9 Years Old Only. This Was My First Trek Come Tour.

I Enjoyed It Very Much. I Celebrated My b'day With Meru Family Which Was Most Memorable For Me In My Life.

I Learned Lot Of Necessary Information About Fort Which Is Useful For My Studies Also.



 Rituja Mokal
  Valley of Flowers

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 At 2:38:45 Pm.

From: RitujaMokal

To:    meru_treks@yahoo.in

Hi, Dev,

It Was An Wonderful Experience Being Amidst The Huge Mountains Of Gharwal Himalayas.

The Valley Of Flowers Is Truly A Paradise And A Must Visit Destination. Though The Treks Were Tiring The Team Kept Me In Spirit All The Time Making The Journey A Memorable One.

This Tour Will Be Always Remembered As I Made Good Friends Having The Same Interest Irrespective Of Age ... Thanks To Dev For This Well Organized Tour! And Not To Forget The Delicious Food...! http://smilies.webme.com/smiles/wink.gifWould Like To Join For Mountaineering Sessions In Future.


 Mr.Ravindra Chavan
  Alibaug Picnic

Sat 21 Feb 2015   Time:19:22

Dear Rupali,

Although we know each other since our school days, but it was a memorable experience on the Alibaug tour you’ve arranged for our group. I must say it was very well planned and one of the sought out tour I’ve ever attended. The most enjoyable was home stay and delicious food served by local people. Thanks for giving us memories to cherish forever.



Ravindra Chavan

 Mrs.Rashmi Jape-Home maker
  Andman Tour

Date:23/01/2015  Time: 14:36

Devendra did a phenomenal job of planning our trip to Andman & Nicobar Islands. 

He throughly indulged us in the experiences of all the neccessary tourist sites. The proffesional & personal attention we received from our first contact,during the planning stages & during our entire stay was beyond our hope & expectation.

The itinerary, accomodations, tours & sites were uncommendable..:).


Rashmi Jape -Thane

 Mrs.Rita Sabnis-Home maker
  Treks in Himalaya

Mar 9 at 7:01 PM

I know Devendra since last 5 years. I have done three treks with him. I got hooked on trekking at the age of fifty two. Before that I had no experience with any aspect of this strenuous sport. I wasn't physically fit. Devendra never discouraged me. He just softly told me to work hard at getting fit to climb and walk at Himalayan trek for 5 consecutive days. Gave me some directions in achieving that level of fitness. I did Patalsu trek at Manali, Valley of flowers and Roopkund with him. 

The age group varies from 15 years to 75 years. Devendra gets along with all kind and all age people. I have never seen him angry with anybody. The best quality of him is his patience. I have seen its tested many times even by me but he never loses it. I am many times last one to reach because I climb at my pace. And believe me he is always there to insure the last person reaches the destination. 
Safety precautions are followed religiously. His first priority is to insure that everybody with him comes home safe un injured at the same time with loads of good memories and a sense of achieving something which you thought was beyond your ability. 
Thank you very much Devendra for helping me to achieve my dream of experiencing beauty of Himalaya  at the close range .

Rita Sabnis
Home Maker

 Devendra Murkute-Director
  Kerala Tour

Date:16th May 2015


Dear Rupali 

We have recently availed Himashree Treks & Tours’s services for arranging our South India holiday tour for Kochi KodaiKanal and Munnar and we were very happy with the complete arrangement of our personalized tour.  One thing I would like to highlight here that I have tried with big tour operators in the market or over the internet and found very mechanical in their approach compared to Himashree’s personal and comforting approach.  Hotel’s given by Himashree were excellent with all amenities with very good food which always remains the main satisfying aspects when one travels.  Plus the vehicle arranged was also very good with excellent driver who drove through us almost 1000+ kms during our holidays without any hassle.  

During our tour time, Ms. Rupali Gandre was tracking with us over Wapp to check whether we have any problems which are more satisfying that Himashree is not stopping at the sale point only but their after sales service also makes you happy, comfortable while you are on Holidays… 

I would definitely recommend Himashree for any personal and group tours which are managed with immense care and gives value for your money. If you want to travel with comfort for your holidays or Treks then go with Himashree and then let them take off everything... FOR COMFORT HOLIDAYS AND TOURS GO WITH HIMASHREE. 

We will definitely go for our next holidays with Himashree and our best wishes for their business..

Best Regards,

Osource (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Devendra Murkute | Director

 Puneet Darji & Friends
  Leh Ladakh Tour

Date:01st July 2015

Hi Rupali & Devendra
We are back from our Leh trip, safe and sound with loads of memories for lifetime. I will like to say Thank You to Himashree Tours for making this trip a wonderful and memorable one. We didn't faced any issues in our accommodation or for food. Driver was also good and informative. Would also like to appreciate Dehlex for his services.
Will surely look forward for next trip with you. :)
Thanks & Regards:
Puneet Darji & Friends.

 Aneesha Badri
  Himalayan Trek 2015

Date:06th June 2015

The Lambri trek was my first trek and it was an awesome experience. The route was scenic and the wild landscape stunning. We were surrounded by plush greenery at all times. There was a bonfire every night and we would all gather around it and have a good time. We drank cool water straight from the streams high up in the mountains. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the organizers did a fantastic job. The water rafting experience was invigorating and the journey to and fro memorable. I had a novel time trekking in the mountains accompanied by such good people. It is a much-needed experience to take a break from routine life and away from civilization and Himashree Tours ensured that it was unforgettable.  Thank you, Devendra Sir!

 Vishal & Prajakta Mehta
  Lonavala Trip

Date: 02nd July 2015


Dear Mr Devendra Gandre,


We thank you for arranging an amazing tour to lonavala. It was a awesome experience. We got excellent service and staff was very friendly and co-operative  Food was delicious.


Once again we thank you for a wonderful experience and making our trip memorable.


Vishal & Prajakta

 Mr.Suresh Koppikar
  Andman Tour 2016

Date:27th Feb.2016

Dear Deven,

On 19th of Feb. 2016, we, a group of 40 persons, went on a tour of ANDAMAN ISLANDS arranged by your “HIMASHREE  TREKS & TOURS”.

We travelled to and fro by “GO AIR” from Mumbai to Port Blair

The accommodation arranged by you in air-conditioned rooms at Port Blair as well as Havelock Islands was excellent, and the food at both the places was very delicious.

Wherever we visited the arrangements were excellent

On the whole the trip was extremely enjoyable and memorable.

Thank you very much,


 Mrs.Pradnya Donadkar
  Kaas Pathar Tapola Tour 2016

Date : 27th September 2016

Thank u very much Devendra for the wonderful kaas pathar tour, journey to Tapola was the most beuautiful experience. I had been to Tapola but this was the best visit. the weather,beauty every thing was at the best. Your planning was grt and execution was best. Food was good and tasty, your hospitality was grt u were attending each one of us personally. And the most important thing the company was excellent the young grp of senior citizens was the most inspiring one. It was the most memorable tour we ever had. Thank you once again Devendra. Thanks a lot.

 Dr.Kanchan Chitnis
  Raigad Tour -Ruia College Group

Dt:-20th Sep.2016

We had a wonderful adventurous  trip to raigad..It was a heavenly experience. We were blessed to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable guide for us...We thank you for your proper arrangements of stay , food and travel. It was a wonderful package.special compliments for a very able, decent, helpful and cheerful Mr. Devendra, our tour operator. We will definitely recommend your tours to others.
A big thank you from all of us for such a memorable trip...


Dr. kanchan Chitnis

faculty Life Science Dept.

Ramnarain Ruia College.

 Shripad kale
 Ex.Professor-Wilson college
  Kolhapur Tour 2017

Date: 15th Jan.2017

हिमश्री ट्रेक्स आणि टुर्स ह्यांच्या बरोबर मी गेली तीन एक वर्षे अंदमान, कोस्टल कर्नाटक, कोल्हापूर दर्शन इत्यादी मोठ्या आणि रायगड दर्शन, कासपठार, सफाळे येथील तांदुळवाडी किल्ला अशा एक-दोन दिवसाच्या सहली व ट्रेक्स केले. 

देवेंद्र प्रत्येक सहलीत प्रवाशांची जातीने विचारपूस करतात. सहलीत येणारे सहलीचा आनंद लुटण्यास येत आहेत ह्याचे भान देवेंद्राच्या मनात पक्के असते. वेळेचा बाऊ न करता प्रवाशांच्या वेळेप्रमाणे प्रेक्षणीय स्थळांचे दर्शन घडवतात. जेष्ठ नागरिकांची काळजी घेऊन सर्व घोषित कार्यक्रम पुरा करतात. सहलीत सांगितलेल्या कार्यक्रमाशिवाय नाविन्यपूर्ण कार्यक्रमचे आयोजन करून लोकांना सुखद धक्का देतात. सहल आयोजांसाठी घेतलेल्या पैशाचा पुरेपूर आनंद आपणास मिळतो.   

देवेंद्र आणि रुपाली वीर सावरकर राष्टीय स्मारकात कार्यरत आहेत. मुरबाड येथील सावरकर सैनिक शाळेत दोघांचे योगदान आहे. अंदमानच्या सहलीत बहुतेकजण सावरकरांच्या  व इतर अनेक ज्ञात-अज्ञात क्रांतिवीरांच्या राहण्यामुळे पुनीत झालेल्या तुरुंगात एक-दोन तास रमतात. स्वतः मी अंदमान येथे गेलो असता देवेन्द्रांची तुरुंगातील मुख्य अधिकारी श्रीमती रशीदा इक्बाल ह्यांच्याशी वैयक्तिक ओळख असल्यामुळे तुरुंगाचे वेगळे दर्शन घडले. अंदमान आणि समुद्र ह्यांचे अतूट नाते आहे. समुद्र दर्शन, समुद्रातील खेळ, पाण्याखालील माशांचे दर्शन कायमचे लक्षात राहील. 

सागरी कर्नाटकात जोग धबधब्या व्यतिरिक्त अनेक धबधबे देवेन्द्रामुळे बघावयास मिळाले. कर्नाटकातील जंगल, जंगलातील शेकोटी वरील जेवण मी आणि माझ्याबरोबर आलेल्या सह-प्रवाशांच्या मनात कायमचे लक्षात राहील. 

देवेंद्र स्वतः उत्तम गिर्यारोहक असल्यामुळे त्यांच्या बरोबर गिर्यारोहणाची मजा काही औरचआहे. सफाळे येथील तांदूळवाडी सारखा अवघड डोंगरावरची चढाई सोपी झाली. गिर्यारोहणासाठी पहिल्यांदाच आलेल्यांना देवेन्द्रामुळे गिर्यारोहणाचे वेड लागते. आपलं महानगर ह्या दैनिकाचा कार्यकारी संपादक श्री संतोष म्हाळकर प्रत्येक गिर्यारोहणात सहभागी होतात आणि त्यांवरवर लेख लिहतात.

कोल्हापूर येथील ऐतिहासिक स्थळाचे दर्शन घडविण्यासाठी मुंबईतील ख्यातनाम सहल आयोजकांच्या यादीत देवेंद्राच्या हिमश्रीचे नाव वरच्या क्रमांकावर आहे. "महाराष्ट्र टूर ऑर्गनायझर्स असोसिएशनने" (MTOA) देखील  गिर्यारोहणातील कामगिरी बद्दल देवेंद्रचा सत्कार केला.  हिमश्री बरोबर मी कोल्हापूर येथील देवळे, किल्ले, पुरातन शिल्प ह्याचे दर्शन घेतले. 

अनेक वर्षे अज्ञात असलेले खिद्रापूर येथील कोपेश्वरचे मंदिर हा पुरातन शिल्प कलेचा उत्तम नमुना आहे. वास्तूशास्त्र आणि शिल्पकलायांचा सुरेख संगम मंदिरात पहावयास मिळतो. मंदिर दीड हजार वर्षांपूर्वीचे काळ्या कातळात कोरले आहे. ह्या मंदिराच्या अप्रतिम कोरीव कामामुळेच "कट्यार काळजात घुसली" चित्रपटाचे चित्रण येथे झाले आहे. दाजीपुर येथील घनदाट जंगल आणि तेथील वनस्पती पक्षीदर्शन देवेंद्राच्या हिमश्रीमुळे शक्य झाले. ढोलताशे वाजून संदेश वहनाचा प्रकार मी पहिल्यांदाच पाहिला. पन्हाळा किल्ल्यातील मुसलमान मार्गदर्शक नखशिखांत शिवप्रेमी असल्यामुळे किल्ल्याचे बारकावे कळले. इंग्रजांच्या धनाच्या हव्यासामुळे आपल्या वास्तुशास्त्राचे किती नुकसान झाले ह्याची प्रचीती येते. कोल्हापुरातील सर्व स्थळातील मार्गदर्शक आणि देवेंद्रह्याच्या योगदानामुळे कोल्हापूर दर्शन सहल अविस्मरणीय झाली 

आमच्याबरोबर आलेल्यांनी नावाजलेल्या यात्रा कंपनी ऐवजी देवेंद्रच्या हिमश्री वर डोळे झाकून वैयक्तिक सहली आयोजित करून घेतल्या हीच त्यांच्या यशाची पावती आहे. मी आणि माझी पत्नी देवेन्द्रास अजून यश लाभो अशीच प्रार्थना करतो. 

 Mrs. Aparna Redkar
  Andman Tour Jan.2017

We would like to thank Himashree Treks & Tours for their wonderful planning, guidance and hospitality during Andaman and Nicobar Island trip of January 2017. As promised and as advertised they stuck to the schedule covered all the points promised along with that ensuring the comfort and safety of all the vacationers during the entire trip.

Besides the touring they organized fun interactive events for the all the vacationers and also ensured the food served as per peoples preferences and liking.

One of the most important aspect was a warm friendly and almost family like care provided by Mr. Gandre and his staff in ensuring all the senior citizens ( including me and my husband ) were given extra attention in terms of our medication and routine checkups with regards our health during and after the daily rigours of our vacation activities. We (me and my husband) are very happy and pleased after our trip to Andaman and would always give Himashree Travels the first preference when planning our next trip.

 Mr.Bharat Talekar
  Andman Tour Jan.2017

प्रिय देवेंद्र यांस 

   आमची हिमश्री ट्रेक्स अँड टुर्स सोबत दिनांक १६ ते २१ जानेवारीची अंदमान सहल अतिशय सुंदर आणि कायम स्मरणात राहील अशीच झाली. अंदमान येथे राहण्याची आणि जेवणाची व्यवस्था अतिशय छान होती.

देवेंदनी सहलीतील प्रत्येकाची जातीने विचारपूस करून अंदमानच नयनरम्य दर्शन घडवलं. आमच्या ग्रुपमधे बहुतांश जेष्ठ नागरीक आणि (मी स्वतः एका पायाने अपंग असतांना )देवेंद्र यानी आमची सर्वांची व्यवस्थित काळजी घेतल्या मुळे आम्हाला काहीही अडचण किंवा  त्रास जाणवला नाही.

पूर्वनियोजित कार्यक्रमाव्यतिरिक्त शेवटच्या दिवशी  एका खास कार्यक्रम हॉटेलमधे आयोजित करून आम्हाला एका सुखद धक्का दिला.

देवेंद्रच्या कौशल्यपूर्ण आणि सुंदर  आयोजनामुळे माझ्या आणि इतर सहप्रवाशांच्या ही सहल कायम स्मरणात राहील. मी अपंग असताना त्यांच्या मदतीने समुद्र तळाशी चाललो.(सी वॉल्क -एक ऍडव्हेंचर ऍक्टिव्हिटी) हा अनुभव माझ्यासाठी आनंदाचा ठरला.

हिमश्री टूर्स चे अनेक धन्यवाद!!!...


भरत आणि सुनेत्रा तळेकर

 Manish Bhole
  Himalayan Treks

I have done two Himalayan treks with Himashree group with my family. Both Deo Tibba base camp and Bhrigu lake treks were "out of worldly" experience for us. Food, stay and travel arrangements were perfect. If you wanna get soaked in nature in a cordial environment just leave it to them. Even if you don't have prior trekking experience, it will work for you and I believe that's their strength! They will take care of u like a family and make sure that you get rejuvenated with amazing trek experience!

 Sudhakar Donadkar And Family
  Jim Corbett and Nainital Tour

Jim Corbett and Nainital Tour

 7th- 11th May 2018

Hi Devendra and Rupali,

First of all, thanks a lot for arranging a nice tour for us as per our requirements

Entire journey from Delhi to Jim Corbett to Bhimtal- Nainital to Delhi was hassle free. Credit goes to Himashree Treks and Tours for arranging good ac Innova vehicle and selecting right hotels and proper planning of destinations for our journey. The Hotels were Luxurious, excellent service, quality food made our stay comfortable.

Overall experience was excellent. This is our second trip with Himashree Treks & Tours and would like to go with it on all our future trips

Wishing you all the very best!

Warm regards

Donadkar Family

 Brijesh Bhatt
  Andaman Tour Nov 2018
Dear Devendra and Rupali (Pitashree & Matashree of Himashree).
This was our fourth tour with you after Gangtok-Darjeeling, Nainital-Jim Corbett & Bhutan. All previous tours were customized packages for us  but this one was the first where we were travelling with other families with whom we were not familiar. We had set many high expectations from this tour as the earlier tours were amazingly arranged and yes you didn’t disappoint. In fact you one once again surprised us with your awesome arrangements. Right from travelling, the food & snacks that we had at the hotel & on the way, the hotels where we stayed everything was wonderfully managed, arranged and well planned. Devendra you really have a cool and calm nature. You also made us feel very comfortable and taken care of...From seniors to bacha party everyone liked your company...😊 😊  
The strangers with whom the tour had started have not only just become friends they have also become family friends.  ‘Jo ek samay ajnabee they wo ab sab dost ban gaye hain’.😊 Every one on this tour was so very friendly that it never appeared that we were meeting them for the first time. Dashrath Keer Saheb the master Entertainer was truly superb. Palekar Sir with his lavnis was amazing. As he said he knows only lavnis and Bhaktigeet and he is great at both of them. Rekha Mam sang like a true professional.👌👌👌.Aur Havelock me Madhvi Mam ka dance nai dekha to kya dekha….👍👍👍Nagwekar Sir with whom I had some personal interactions on the last seat of the bus was very inspiring. A big applause to all the Youngsters (Senior Citizens) who showed us that age is just a number and one should be always young at heart. Also had fun interacting with the energetic bacha party.
As you all were aware that my wife Kuntal was not well on the last day so we could not interact much with all of you. Apologies for the same.😔 We are really thankful for all your concern, your love, and for the all the medicines you all gave. ‘Bada confusion tha ki kiski dawai le’😃😃. Without your help, support it would had been difficult to travel on the last day. Special thanks to Mansi’s Mom, Mamta, Devendra for their medical aid and to Mansi for taking care of Divya while I and Kuntal stayed back at the hotel on the last day. 🙏
Last but not the least a big big thanks to Devendra for his hard work to make this tour truly wonderful. 👏
Thanks a lot again Himashree for creating beautiful memories and wonderful family friends.
Love u All...From Kuntal, Divya and Brijesh Bhatt.
 Aparna Keskar
  The Gad Darshan Trip

Sun Jan 24 At 4:45 Pm

Subject: Feed Back Of The Gad Darshan Trip Attended With Meru Tours And Treks In Dec09

Just Wanted To Write Few Words About The Gad Darshan Trip Attended With Meru Tours And Treks In The Month Of Dec09.This Was A Wonderful Experience I Had. 

The Arrangements Made Were Good And The Emphasis Was On Learning About The History Places Visited, Instead Of Only Site Seeing. 

The History And The Major Incidents Narrated By Archeologists Mr. Mahesh Kulkani And Mr. Suresh Wadkar Was A Mesmerizing Experience.

Overall The Trip Was An Unforgettable Experience.
Thanks For The Prompt And Caring Service By The Coordinators.

With Warm Regards,
Aparna Keskar

 Kritika Menon - HR
  Chasola Picnic

From; Kritika Menon

To:Meru Treks & Tours

Hi Devendra,

Thank you for organizing the Chasola Trip. It was quite a stress-buster for us from our routine schedule.

Things to appreciate:

1)We loved the hospitality by your staff there; very co-operative

2)The food was excellent; all our employees could not stop praising the same.

we loved the entire arrangement and we are looking forward to associate again.

Thanks & Regards,

Kritika Menon Human Resources- Ecofil Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Rabale,Navi Mumbai.


 Karan Sangvi
  Deo Tibba Trek - Manali

Date : 23 July 2016

It was my first trek...and this itself changed my perception towards life; that life has many such goals to achieve and the planet has its own natural beautiful places where one can live life peacefully. The Trek to Deo Tibba was just awesome...not only the magical sceneries but also the great company like Devendra Sir and the others. Although there were tough times like the extreme temperature of -2 degree Celsius at the top, everyone was always cheerful. On the first day, all the people who accompanied me were all unknown to me but while waving good bye to the same people on the last day, everyone was on the brisk of crying as we didn’t want to go apart. Life always manages to bring new situations but it’s on us whether to accept them or not and also to live calmly and happily with new people whom we don’t get a chance to meet in our daily and hectic lives. I had the greatest trip ever in my whole life and I was feeling on top of the world like Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. The best thing of the trek was having the hot soups in the cold weather which energized each and every one of us. I have to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the local people who helped us to survive in the trek by cooking an excellent hot cuisine which was utterly delicious. The most amazing thing was to learn how to live in a proper tent with different people and also to set it up in the first place. The ascent was a little difficult and tiring too but the descent was just awesome as it was the easiest thing to do although one took care of the obstacles. I would definitely want to again set out for an adventure with Himashree Treks and Tours in the near future.

 Amol Surve
  Outing For Working Professionals

Date: Monday, 3 August, 2009, 5:21 Am
Thanks A Ton Mr. Gandre,
It Was Really Nice Of You To Arrange Such A Good Outing For Working Professionals Like Us. Activities Like Waterfall RaplingSpeacially Required Good Advice And Necessary Equipment Which Was Provided By Your Team. Your Team Is Very Cooperative And Friendly. Special Thanks To AjinkyaAnd Mrs. Gandre For Being Such Good Hosts.
Thanks For Arranging Such A Wonderful Event And I Will Surely Recommend Meru Treks To My Counterparts.
Regards And Thanks,


 Snehal Shenoy
  Rappelling Event

Sunday, 9 August, 2009 9:22 Pm

Hello Mr. Devendra – We Are Still In The Rappelling Mood In Office. Rappelling Was The Best And All Of Us Managed It And Had No Problems. Overall The Experience Was Awesome We Had Great Fun And All Of Us Enjoyed A Lot. Thanks For Arranging Everything And Making This Trip So Memorable And Full Of Fun. Both Deepak And Ajinkya Were Very Helpful And Great Guides. We Look Forward For Many More Trips With Your Team.
Thanks Once Again And Pls Do Keep Us Posted Of Any Activities That You Arrange In Future.

Best Regards,


Morgan Stanley | Institutional Equity Division
Goregaon (West),Mumbai (Ex Bombay), 400 090

 Teju Divekar.
  Valley of Flowers

Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 8:55 Am

Hi Devendra Sir,

How Are You?  By Now U Must Be Busy With The Preparation Of Your Next Trek.  Any Ways, I Thank God For Giving Me An Opportunity To Trek With Meru& Having Coach Like U.  Because Of This Trek I Came Across Good People.

I Don't Think Trek Is My Cup Of Tea, So I Found It Very Tiring. Because Of Everybody's Support And Care I Could Complete It And Enjoyed It.

It Was Very Well Designed And Well Executed.. No Complaints About Food. On The Whole It Was A Good Experience And Fun.

I Am Looking Forward For A Short Trek With You All.. Bye..

Teju Divekar.

 Sachin Sawant
  Chasola Camp

Monday, 10 August, 2009 12:01 Am

Good Morning,

It Was A Tremendous Experience For All Of Us. All Of The People Were Very Happy With All The  Arrangements. The Staff Was Very Co-Operative And Friendly.
We Promise You To Come Soon To Chasola With A New Group.

Thank You For The Wonderful Experience.


 Mr.Jayesh G. Jadhav
  Goa Package Tour

Name: Mr.Jayesh G. Jadhav
Company Name: United Parcel Services
Subject: Feedback On Goa 

This Was The Second Time I Was Using Your Services And Had A Wonderful Experience In Booking This Package. I Am Very Particular About Planning The Trips And Would Settle For Nothing But The Best Services And That's What I Got Out Of My Experience here.
I Would Definitely Recommend It To My Friends And Family.

Please Do Consider This As A Customer Satisfaction On Account Of Me & My Wife.

It Was A Wonderful Trip. I And My Wife Will Relish Its Memories For The Lifetime. Thanks Very Much!

  Tapola Picnic



Monday, 26 March 2012 9:46 AM

Dear Mr Devendra,

 Thank you for making a wonderful arrangement. The trip was a good one and all of us enjoyed it. The driver Amit is an extremely nice person and drove well and is a well mannered person. Overall it was a nice trip.

 Thanks and wish Meru all the very best!!!


P.P. Narayanan

Santacruz (West)

 Deepak Konnkar



Date: 28 April 2019


Many many thanks for Himashree Treks & Tours  for arranging  this study tour for us.

 All the best for your tours and include us in your mailing list.


Deepak Konnkar.

 Mr Suresh Nagvekar
  Kajwa Mahotsav
DATE: 03 June 2019
भंडारदरा. ....हिमश्रीची एक नित्य यशस्वी सहल उपक्रम. ....खूप मजा आली, आम्ही सर्वांनी तूफान  धमाल केली. रुपाली मॅडम, संदेश, यशश्री, अंकिता शिवाय भंडारदरा स्थानिक देवेंद्रनच्या मदतीला होते, सगळेच अफलातून. शिवाय आपला अंदमानचा ग्रुप आणि नवीन सोबती सगळेच प्रचंड उत्साही. भंडारदरा चा प्रवास एकदम सुंदर आहे, marching to कॅम्प, संध्याकाळचा चहा, गाणी, भेंड्या, ओळख, कॅम्प फायर, बार्बेक्यू, ग्रुप टेहळणी, रात्रीचे जेवण, काजवा महोत्सव, गप्पा गोष्टी यात रात्रीचे १२:३० १ केंव्हा वाजले ते कळले देखील नाही. ....
तेथील परिसर वेड लावण्यात इतका सुंदर आहे. तशीच तेथील माणस. पावसाळ्यात हा परिसर आणखी देखणा असतो असं अनेकांचं मत आहे. ....
सकाळी उठून सगळ्यांनी नदी-धरणबांध्यावर धाव घेतली. तेथेच सकाळचे चहा पोहे बिस्किटे खाल्ली, मनसोक्त डुंबण्याचा आनंद घेतला. ....देवेंद्र सरांचा एक आवडता खेळ खेळून आम्ही अमृतेश्वरच दर्शन घेऊन परतीच्या प्रवासाला लागलो. ....
परतीच्या प्रवासात कीर साहेबांची आणि वर्षाताईंच्या गाण्यांनी धमाल उडवून दिली, सर्वांनी त्यावर मनसोक्त नाचुन घेतलं. ....
अशी एक सुंदर सहल अनुभवायला मिळाली.
 Jyoti Vaidya(Wadivkar)

All hotels ,services,bus are comfortable. It was a memorable trip and mind blowing experience with Himanshri travels.  My all sweet 16 ladies enjoyed to the fullest. Meal, jungle trail, swimming, boating, kayak , campfire,dj, what else remains to enjoy?? Last but not least it was a combination of " Yatra" and picnic. Sajjan gadh..Shivthar ghal are the main aims of our visit. We all blessed with Samartha Ramdas swami     darshan without much efforts. Thank you Devendra and Rupali for perfect arrangements . Wish you all  gr8 success ahead. Jai Jai Raghuvir Samarth



Jyoti Vaidya(Wadivkar)

 Mayuri Borkar‎
  Himachal Pradesh

Date: June 23 at 10:47 AM

Thank you Gandhre Sir for an Awsumm Himachal experience you always do the best kind of job exactly knowing what your customers need 

Highly recommended 
2nd best trip after Ladakh in 2015# always10on10
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