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 Bhaskar Gite
  Jalesh Cruise
Date: 16-Dec-2019
प्रिय अंकिता, 
आम्ही अलिबागला पोहचलो,
अंकिता, तू आम्हाला क्रूझ च्या बुकिंग पासून ते क्रूझ मध्ये जाऊन बसेपर्यंत वेळोवेळी फोन करून संपूर्ण छान मार्गदर्शन केले या बद्दल तुझे खूप आभार, तू फोनवर बोलताना तुझ्या आवाजावरून आम्हाला जाणवत होते की तुझी तब्बेत ठीक नाही, तरीपण तू कंटाळा न करता सतत आमच्या संपर्कात राहून आम्हाला मदत करत  होती, म्हणून काकीने  तुझं विशेष कौतुक केले आहे.
    क्रूझ वरील अनूभव खूपच छान होता, खूप सुंदर नियोजन, अप्रतिम जेवण, व सर्व पंचतारांकित सुविधा बघून आम्ही खूप खुश झालो, खरच इतक्या कमी पैशात 2 रात्री आणि एक दिवस स्वर्गसुखाचा मनसोक्त आनंद लुटला याबद्दल "जलेश" चे खूप आभार.
 Thanks to "JALESH" group and it's management team and all staff.
अंकिता, भविष्यात अशा चांगल्या टूर्स बद्दल आम्हाला वेळोवेळी माहिती देणे, आम्हाला Himashree सोबत टूर्स वर जायला नक्की आवडेल

Date: 12-Dec-2019


Thanks Devendra  very well organised and we had luvly  time.cherry on cake is yr idea of manjiritai's visit . best wishes to Himshree be in touch If possible organised saverkar smarak visit one saturday .

 Mr.Abindra Mavani-Director
  Andman Tour


Dear Devendra, 

    I am writing this letter to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful service you rendered during our Andaman tour for the period 15 Jan 2015 to 21 Jan 2015. Although our group of 26 members was of senior citizens and we all had our handicaps, but in spite of all the difficulties you guided us so well that we felt that we are young again. The care you had taken of each and every one of us was truly remarkable and particularly the Jain food you arranged for five of us was delicious and we have no regrets for the same.

    Devendra, you have a wonderful way of going out of the way to be wonderful. Your dedication to Veer Savarkar Pratisthan is really remarkable and when you introduced us to Dr. Rashida Iqbal; the in charge of the cellular jail at Andaman was the event we will never forget in our life. Please do let me know whenever she visits Mumbai as promised by her to meet her again and extend some hospitality.

    I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank your wife Rupali, for the excellent support and back office work. I and my wife Bella, say that we would recommend Himashree Treks & Tours for anyone to visit Andaman Island. Thank you Devendra, and may your life and of your family be one of Happiness and Success.

With Regards,

Mr. Abindra C. Mavani.-Director.

M/s. Mosil Lubricants Private Limited, Sion (West)

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